Elevating Institutions into the Digital Age

Pronted empowers institutions to embrace the future with cutting-edge technology solutions that include smart classrooms, CCTV setups, biometrics, and computer labs. Ensuring that you are fully on track with emerging school technology trends

Smart Classroom

Soar beyond the traditional Chalk and Board

  • Interactive displays, projectors, and speaker systems.

  • Touch boards for interactive learning.Touch boards for interactive learning.

  • Top-notch speakers for crystal clear audio quality.

  • Smart projectors for presentations.

  • Video conferencing for collaborative learning.

CCTV Camera Systems

Keep your school Safe and Secure

  • Advanced monitoring solutions.

  • Brand-new installations, repair, and maintenance.

  • Smart monitoring apps available via mobile.

  • Enhanced security through HD streaming.

Biometric Attendance

Track attendance like a pro

  • Streamlined school and staff attendance management through automation.

  • Cloud-powered visitor authorization.

  • Student tablets with advanced biometric technology.

Computer Lab Setup

Elevate Computer Experience for Students

  • Cost-effective lab setups.

  • Interactive teaching through the latest computing models.

  • Comprehensive system maintenance services.

  • Lab furniture provided on-demand.


Have questions? Browse through our FAQs.

What are the advantages for students using smart classrooms?

Smart classrooms aid in better concept understanding, collaborative learning, and focused exam preparation.

Do smart classrooms require additional textbooks?

Pronted's digital learning modules reduce reliance on hardcopy textbooks.

How will I be charged for CCTV installation and maintenance?

Payment is one-time for installation, and monthly charges are customized.

What are the different types of biometric access controls suitable for institutions?

Fingerprint scanners, RFID cards, and QR code-based devices are available.

Elevate Your Institution with Cutting-Edge Technology

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