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School bag
children playing with robotic kit
School bag
children playing with robotic kit

Schools and Parents benefit from Pronted Store!

High Security

Payment Gateways

Experience the highest security and safety with your personal details

One Store - Multiple Vendors

A huge collection of products from multiple vendors

Real Time

Sales Reports

Complete Personalization

An E-commerce platform with your school’s branding

Fast Shipping

Easy Returns

Zero logistical hassle

No more running around physical stores

Quality Products at affordable prices

Three ways to get your very own school store!

Our plans are tailored to cater all type of schools. Looking for best value? we got it. Looking for best features? We got it too!

Pronted One

Pronted One offers streamlined solutions for institutions, designed to simplify processes, reduce costs, and ensure quick implementation. Institutions can enjoy the essential services they need, all in one package. It's the perfect choice for institutions looking for simplicity and cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality.

Pronted 360

Pronted 360 is tailored for all types of institutions, helping them streamline operations, improve parent engagement, and strengthen their online presence. It's a versatile solution that addresses specific challenges faced by educational institutions, providing the tools they need for efficient management and enhanced communication.

Pronted Advantage

Pronted Advantage presents an exclusive exchange offer for your institution. By choosing Pronted for your Pronted kits, you unlock a treasure trove of personalized services tailored to your Schools unique requirements. This exchange brings a host of benefits to your institution


Have questions? Browse through our FAQs.

What are the products that parents can buy online?

We offer academic kits, including textbooks, notebooks, stationery, bags, uniforms, lunch boxes, and water bottles.

Do schools need to pay for website development and hosting?

Pronted takes care of online store development, and it's free of charge.

Are the products available only during school days?

Our online store is active 24/7, 365 days a year.

Do you also handle the order delivery?

Pronted ensures safe and timely delivery to parents.

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