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Transform your institution's learning environment with interactive and immersive courses tailored to your curriculum. Learning has never been this engaging and accessible.

Pronted Courses: Benefitting Schools and Parents!

Ongoing Assessment & Instant Feedback

Effortlessly assess students and offer timely feedback.

Flexible Teaching Staff

Learn from experienced and
diverse educators.

Personalized Learning Paths

Tailored to suit different types of learners.

Diverse Learning Resources

A diverse range of courses that complement the new age education, fostering holistic learning.

24/7 Accessibility

Access learning materials anytime, anywhere—on phones or desktops.


Transparent pricing, no hidden fees, and top-notch materials.

Improved school reputation

Need of online courses

Immersive and Customized Courses

Customize course materials, including visual multimedia, for an engaging and immersive learning experience.

Convenience of Recorded Classes

Enable students to learn at their own pace with recorded lessons.


Foster interactive learning by allowing students to ask questions and share answers within the platform.

Progress Tracking Simplified

Track student progress and analyze performance, ensuring academic success.


Packed with useful features

Single Sign-In

Pronted’s online classes allow users to access content specific to parents, teachers or students using a uniform sign-in. Gain secure access to course content using a single click of a button.

Offline Option

Using Pronted, students can download course content for offline learning and notes. Preparation for competitive exams just got super easy!

Practice Tests

We offer weekly practice tests to shape your students' understanding of concepts. The course also offers remedial classes based on test results to enable students to be on track with other competitive exams.

Extra-curricular Training

Learning doesn’t end with the school syllabus alone. Therefore Pronted’s courses go the extra mile to prepare your students for Olympiads, international science and math tests, and many more proficiency exams with the extra curriculum training.


Have questions? Browse through our FAQs.

What do the Pronted online classes offer?

Our online classes include online learning modules, quizzes, interactive visual media, assessment modules, and other related content.

What benefits do Pronted online classes offer to schools?

They eliminate the need for classroom infrastructure and renovations, costs associated with printed books, and the complete presence of teaching staff.

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