Spectrum ERP: Streamlining Institution Management

Bid farewell to fragmented software solutions with Pronted's unified Spectrum ERP. It offers a simplified and efficient way to manage your institution's daily administrative tasks, including inventory management, HR, transport, and more.

Pronted ERP: Empowering Schools and Teachers!

Advanced Analysis and Reporting

Stay informed about the institution’s activities at every level.

Round-the-Clock Support

Get 24/7 assistance whenever you need it.

Enhanced Transparency and Accountability

Promote trust and accountability among staff members.

Streamlined Administrative Processes

Efficiency in managing institutions operations.

Improved Communication

Seamless communication between Teachers, Parents, and Administration.

Zero logistical hassle

Secure and easy access to all your data through a single partner.

Customize and Scale as you need
Key Features

What can you do with Spectrum?

Student Management

Store and organize detailed information about each student, including personal details, contact information, and emergency contacts. Easily update and maintain accurate records throughout the student's tenure at the school.

Easy Timetable Scheduling

Create and manage personalized timetables for each class and teacher. The advanced recommendations will help you ensure optimal utilization of time and resources with an intuitive scheduling interface.

Academics & Reportcards

Simplify exam management for teaching staff and streamline progress tracking with personalized report cards based on individual performance.


Gain complete control of the entire admission cycle - from the enquiry stage to onboarding. Assigning a dedicated counsellor for admissions is now a thing of the past.

Fee Management

A comprehensive solution for managing student fees efficiently. Gain access to timely reports on fee dues and overdue payments, ensuring financial transparency and enabling proactive decision-making.

Transport Management

Experience a seamless and efficient transport management solution with Spectrum's Transportation Module. From bus management and route configuration to student assignment on trips, our advanced technology ensures a hassle-free transportation experience.

Message Center

Connect, Communicate, Thrive: Stay Informed with Our Advanced Message Center. We understand the importance of keeping parents in the loop about their child's progress and school updates. Our Message Center module is designed to revolutionize communication, allowing you to effortlessly send SMS, WhatsApp, and email messages to parents with just a few clicks.

HR, Leave & Payroll Management

Our HR & Payroll Module offers a robust solution to maintain employee details, leave balances, and facilitates hassle-free payroll generation for hundreds of employees with just a single click.

Document Generation

This module is designed to revolutionize the way you generate essential documents. With a single click, create a variety of documents, including Transfer Certificates (TC), No Due Certificates, Bonafide Certificates, Hall Tickets, and more. Choose from our diverse range of ready-made templates to add a professional and polished touch to your certificates.

Biometric Attendance

Embrace Automation, Wave Farewell to Manual Attendance. We bring you the future of attendance management with our Biometric Attendance module. Say goodbye to manual processes as we seamlessly integrate thumbprint, RF, and Face recognition technologies to automate student and employee attendance.

Academic Calendar

Elevate Academic Planning with the Academic Calendar module, a powerful tool that centralizes week-offs, holidays, examination schedules, and events, simplifying the coordination of your academic year. This intelligent module seamlessly integrates with other modules, ensuring a cohesive and well-organized academic planning experience.

And many more...

We offer a diverse array of features, including role-based data access, ID card generation, online fee collection, notice board functionality, homework management, and more.

Connected Mobile Apps

Let teachers do more,
on the go!

Streamlined Teacher Tools

Empower educators with a digital notebook that simplifies attendance tracking, timetable management, grade recording, and homework assignments.

Stay Informed

Keep teachers up-to-date with essential student information, including upcoming events such as student birthdays, ensuring a more personalized educational experience.

Interactive Communication

Facilitate teacher-parent interaction through digital chatrooms, fostering collaborative and productive communication between educators and families.

Mobile Convenience

Enable teachers to access these tools on the go, making it easier for them to manage their responsibilities anytime, anywhere.

Child's School, At Parents Fingertips!

Parental Insight

The Smart Parents app provides parents with a comprehensive view of their children's well-being, informing them about their school activities and progress.

Financial Clarity

The app also offers a convenient way for parents to keep track of school fees, making it easier to manage educational expenses.

Academic Transparency

Parents can access vital information such as grades, examination schedules, and important announcements, ensuring they stay engaged in their child's educational journey.

Stay Informed

Parents can quickly stay informed about any changes or updates from the school, ensuring they are always up-to-date on their child's school life.


Have questions? Browse through our FAQs.

How do I choose the right ERP solution for my school?

Top ERP solutions in the market, like Pronted’s Spectrum, enable institutions to automate multiple administration activities. To make the right choice, ensure that the ERP consists of all the necessary modules to streamline and automate your daily management processes.

How does Spectrum ERP help teachers?

It consists of dedicated modules that manage classroom tasks, reducing your teaching staff’s manual efforts.

Can this ERP be customized to meet my school’s exact requirements?

Pronted’s Spectrum ERP provides comprehensive customization to suit each school’s unique needs.

How Does Spectrum ERP Streamline School Administration?

Spectrum ERP delivers a centralized perspective of day-to-day school operations, ensuring seamless academic and non-academic activities.

Revolutionize Institution Management with Unparalleled Efficiency.

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